Sheila Li

Transformation Coach

It all began when I renounced my victim role mentality after battling with the numerous unseen battles within myself. Even though I seemed poised on the outside, I was a mess within me. I realized the only person who could save my sinking self was me. My mindset had to shift, I accepted that I was the potter of my life due to the type of thoughts I was thinking. I made a conscious decision to get out of my cave and consciously started living in awareness.  What a revelation it was, becoming aware of what was happening around me, I was reborn!  That is how I started my journey in my quest for my inner balance.

Years later here I am. A certified Transformational Coach, Yoga, mindfulness, and Awareness coach. An avid believer in the power of finding balance in the present moment. It all begins with awareness and acceptance of what is. With Self-discipline and Self-accountability in check, I am convinced that you too will discover the immense power hidden within you. Find thy balance and rediscover thyself!

Coaching Specialties

  • Personal Development
  • Goal Setting & Implementation
  • Financial Discipline
  • Relationships
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Awakening Awareness
  • Balanced Life
  • Self-Love and Acceptance
  • Yoga (Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga...)

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