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Personal Coaching: single sessions

70 min | session | 1125 kr

Packages: I offer 3 types of packages: packages:  1, 2, and 3. These packages are built upon each other.  See more information below. 

Group Coaching: This is offered as a stand-alone package.  There will be an announcement or advert whenever I am starting a new group of group coaching. More information is given below.  

Yoga and meditation: I also offer yoga and meditation lessons separately. Visit our Yoga section for more information. 

Package 1

This is the introductory package that allows the client to try out and see the desired results within a given period.

We end the session with a 5-minute simple breathing exercise.

70 min | 3 sessions | 3375 kr 

Package 3

This is the superior package where we dive even deeper into the wheel of life and unravel things. We do not only focus on those areas of life that are imbalanced but also on those areas that are perceived as balanced. The goal is to find long-term changes with tangible results.

The client chooses which segment of the wheel of life she/he desires to start with.

 We end the sessions with a simple 15-minute mindfulness meditation and/or yoga session if desired. No prior knowledge is needed.

70min | 10 sessions | 11200kr

Package 2

This is the intermediate package where we delve into the wheel of life. The client gets to choose the area(s) of life that he/she needs help with.

We end the sessions with a 10-minute mindfulness meditation session if desired. 

70 min | 5 sessions | 5600 kr

Package 4

Group Coaching 

This package is for those who prefer coaching in a group context. You will meet other people who share the same life experience as you do. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences with the group. We have different themes that we work on. With my guidance, the goal is to find strategies that can help the group find balance in their everyday lives allowing the wheel of life to spin as it should.

Meetings are held once a week for about 4 - 8 weeks, depending on the needs of my clients.

Some basic yoga and/or meditation sessions can be included if desired.

80min | 8 sessions | 2600 kr

Empowering individuals to find inner balance amid imbalance

is my goal!

Find Thy Balance

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